Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish new business, while providing an unsurpassed level of service to our existing customers. We aim to achieve the results for the manufacturers we represent, and anyone associated with Rice-Christ, Inc.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. ~Zig Ziglar

States Covered

Washington – Oregon – California – Alaska – Hawaii – Arizona – New Mexico – Texas – Arkansas – Louisiana – Mississippi – Tennessee – Nevada – Utah – Oklahoma

RCI History

Rice-Christ, Inc. (RCI) was formed in 1967 by John Rice and George Christ. For over 50+ years RCI has been serving the Retail Petroleum, Automotive and Industrial Industries with highly experienced personnel. RCI covers the southwest and west coast of the United States of America with full time professionals in the field and behind the scenes.

Terry Christ, President, and Executive Vice-Presidents, Juan Vazquez and Tim Brundrett, lead a team of 10 employees setting up distribution networks for manufacturers to sell their products. In addition, RCI places heavy emphasis on relationships with major and regional oil companies, as well as direct end users. We are also in contact with local, regional, and national consulting engineers, architects, mechanical engineers and petroleum consultants. By encompassing all prospective buyers, we can directly influence how our customers specify and create sales from our represented manufacturers. RCI also works hand in hand with installation contractors and end-users to ensure successful operation of a purchased system.

We are long term thinkers and build relationships for life.